This drawing would be shit without dat diq #art #sketch #drawing

The character develops. #ink #drawing #brushpen

Pen sketch #ink #drawing


Part two of a comic called “Do Something”. You can read part one here:

Part one of a comic called “Do Something” for your reading pleasure. Read part two here:


Another conté sketch. Think I’m gettin somewhere. #drawing #conté

Conté stop me. Conté be stopped! #conté #drawing

Halloween costume idea: man with face on fire. Materials needed: Face, Fire.

The black and white version of the comic I made and pasted up in the same location that comic begins and ends. :)

#pencil #drawing #sketch

Really liking this panel sketch

I guess I’ll upload another page before I block myself from tumblr for another few hours.

Slight change to the colours after I got a bit of advice. Looks much better now and I should be able to get these pages coloured quicker now too! :)